A touch of glamor!

Imagine the Sistine Chapel, just as on the first level, marble floors and the mural freshly painted by Michelangelo's hands... Here in Adão the chronology is the view to the sea where the natural conditions come together to enjoy the best local flavors, accompanied by an identity with Parisian glamor with open arms for locals and their visitors.

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Our Specialty

Poké are a deconstructed type of sushi served in a bowl, imagine a marinated fish salad served in Hawaiian cuisine by fishermen.

In addition to spectacular views and very good service, the food is good, well presented and the portions are generous. The ceviche was on point, the magnificent shrimp tempura with a very spicy sauce and the Pokè à Adão is a "must". Repeating



The refinement, the friendliness, the quality in a space full of taste and super pleasant.

Nélia Santos


Excellent tasting place. Reinvented and cheerful dishes. Good quality of food. Adequate space for the concept. For those who love sushi, I recommend the poke Adão. It just doesn't exist, it's very good!

Fábio Casaca